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Protect your Onlyfans content efficiently

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1 – Use a private email address

Unfortunately, data breaches happen frequently. To protect yourself from a possible attack, use a separate, private email address like ProtonMail linked to your OnlyFans account.

Private email addresses are encrypted and do not ask for any personal information when opening the account. So if any of your information is disclosed in a data breach, your email address and personal information will not be linked to your OnlyFans account.

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2 – Use platform security measures

OnlyFans offers advanced security options such as SMS authentication or via a temporary password through apps like Google Authenticator. Using one or both of these systems combined will make it almost impossible for someone to steal your account even if they have your login and password.

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3 – Use Watermarks

Unfortunately, if you are on OnlyFans, there is a good chance that a subscriber will take a screenshot of your content and it will end up on other sites. OnlyFans offers users the ability to watermark all content uploaded to the platform allowing the platform to help you get stolen content removed from a third-party platform. You can also directly contact the platform on which the stolen content is published to have it removed.

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4 – Use a data protection service

The best way to prevent content leaks from making their way onto the internet is to use a data protection service like Sidenty. They work with a team of experts who monitor and remove content 24/7 including content that has been shared on Telegram.

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5 – Install antivirus software on your devices

Malware attacks happen all the time and they pose a huge risk to OnlyFans or MYM users. They can steal your personal information and even allow hackers to operate your computer remotely. A good antivirus program with real-time protection keeps 100% of malware out of your computer, phone or tablet.

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Complicated security measures to apply?

OnlyMym has been able to protect thousands of intimate photos and videos during its years of account management. By working with our agency, you will benefit from a real protection of contents without fault and impenetrable.

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