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Keeping your Onlyfans customers loyal

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1 – Provide excellent customer service

Your audience expects to establish a closer contact with you than on your classic social networks. If subscribers send you private messages and never receive a response, they will notice and it will cause them frustration.

When they leave a tip or a kind comment, do you send them a thank you? When they subscribe to your page, do you send them a welcome message? When they ask a question or request personalized content, do you respond quickly? All this attention will be of crucial importance when it comes time for them to re-subscribe to your Onlyfans account.

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2 – Engage your community

Your fans love to hear from you and they love to know that their opinion matters to you. There’s no better way to achieve both of these goals than to survey your fans consistently. This will let them know that you value what they want to see on the page and that their opinion is important to you. It will also help build the concept of community which is very important to your brand and long-term success.

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3 – Keep your page updated

This probably goes without saying for creators who spend hours updating their OnlyFans page and content weekly, but for many creators, they simply neglect their page by adding content infrequently.

You need to post at least 3-4 times a week to keep your subscribers happy (remember, they pay). It is important to show that you are dedicated to producing content and that by staying subscribed, your audience will benefit from new photos and videos that they will enjoy.

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4 – Create quality content that is relevant to your subscribers

You must obviously create content relevant to your audience, remember that once again, your Onlyfans are paying for your page so produce quality content taking into account the tastes of your audience (that you have surveyed for example).

By taking care of each detail of your photos or videos, you will show that the monthly subscription of your profile is totally justified and you will increase the personalized requests by private message (because yes it is at this level that the most money is made!).

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Want to create a loyal and quality audience?

Building a real community is essential to the success of your Onlyfans career, but it takes time and requires a precise action plan.

Our agency MVPonly has built a real brand image for its models by a loyal audience and content that meets their needs. Want to create a real empire? Join our agency now and access a whole new level of income!

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