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Preserve your anonymity on Onlyfans

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1 – Use a pseudonym

One measure that many influencers and stars use is simply to use a pseudonym on your social networks and your OnlyFans account. Besides hiding your real name, using a pseudonym is an advantage in creating your brand image. Indeed, it will allow you to stand out from the crowd and to better represent yourself and your creativity.

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2 – Don’t share personal information

An obvious but always good thing to remember is to never share information about yourself such as your address, phone number or simply your last name. Keep in mind that only Onlyfans has your personal information and the platform will never share this sensitive information with anyone.

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3 – Market to another area

For people who want to have an audience not living in the same geographical area as you, you can create your social networks in another language by using for example descriptions or hashtags in French if you live in USA and you want to benefit from an French-speaking audience.

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4 – Delete the meta data

A little-known trick that can help you protect yourself from bad people is to delete the data of your photos or videos called “metadata”. Sites such as Adarsus or Verexif offer the possibility to delete the information written in your content such as the date of creation of the file or the model of the camera used.

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5 – Make your onlyfans account private

Another simple solution to protect your online presence is to set your Onlyfans account to private. With this account status you will be able to choose who can see your intimate content, your different interactions, your activity status and you can even block the users of your choice.

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6 – Hide certain physical attributes

A radical measure to protect your identity is to simply not show your face or other physical attributes that make you easily recognizable. This solution is certainly very effective if you are afraid that someone close to you will one day come across your content, but you will lose a certain brand image with your audience since they identify themselves with people with uncovered faces.

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7 – Use a secure platform

Even if most creators use these platforms, be aware that OnlyFans do everything possible to protect people from potential data theft by protecting accounts with various security tools. Learn about several ways to secure your account via our associated blog post.

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Afraid you can’t ensure your anonymity?

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