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1 – Know your type profile

To begin with, it is important to know your typical profile (or “niche”) in order to know how to address your target audience, as you know, the primary function of marketing is to send the right message to the right people. Are you the sexy young fitgirl? The tattooed rebel dominatrix? The mature woman who embraces her shape?

Don’t be afraid to categorize yourself according to your physical attributes, knowing exactly who you are in the eyes of your audience will help you create relevant content for an audience that fantasizes about you.

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2 – Analyze your target audience

Responding to the right audience is crucial to ensure that they are in total agreement with your content. For example, analyze the comments and statistics of your Instagram account: what content does your audience like the most? From there you will already have an idea on what your followers like most about you and what you could monetize on your Onlyfans account.

It is therefore important to know the desires of your followers in order to play on the desires that are buried in them. Don’t forget, even if you produce the most qualitative content possible, if you don’t address it to the right target then you will lose attraction.

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3 – Create a unique character

If you are an online personality or influencer, don’t be afraid to create a unique universe and personality even if you are different in everyday life. Creating a persona will set you apart from other influencers and allow your followers to better identify you.

As said before, if you know your typical profile, you will have no problem creating the character that fits it. Don’t hesitate to exaggerate your personality to reinforce it and create a real aura!

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4 – Post quality content

Even if you’re an amateur creator, it’s important to post professional content, so take care of your posture, the lighting of your photos or even change your outfit regularly to let your audience know that your exclusive paid content is totally justified.

It’s not necessarily a question of calling on professional shooting sessions to produce the most qualitative photos or videos, but rather of using the means at your disposal, such as your smartphone, to create content that diversifies and signals to your audience that you are a creative person with creativity.

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5 – Raise the temperature !

Don’t be afraid to post previews ( or “teasers”) of the content on your Onlyfans account, for example post a photo in skimpy clothing and implicitly let your audience know that you’ll take it down and post the photo on your exclusive content account.

It’s essential to warm up your audience and let them know that your social networks are just a showcase for much more intimate content that they might love.

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